Rocky Badd Drops Her Diss Towards Upcoming Female Rapper Cuban Doll | This Is Far From Over!

The beef between Rocky Badd and Cuban Doll is far from over. Rocky Badd just recently dropped her diss song “Rag Doll” aimed toward upcoming female rapper Cuban Doll. Rocky Badd has been hitting social media, going live ever since the fight with Cuban doll. Some people are starting to wonder if Rocky Badd is just trying to get attention. As we all know, Cuban Doll has a bigger following then Rocky Badd.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.42.26 PM

Do you think Rocky Band is just trying to get attention or prove a point?

“Rocky Badd- Rag Doll (Cuban Doll Diss)”:


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Wiz Khalifa Facing a possible LawSuit For Allegedly Copying “Most Of Us” Song

Male Rapper, Wiz Khalifa is Allegedly facing a Lawsuit! Claims are that Wiz Kahlifa stole the song “Most Of Us” from another rapper by the name of Cymple Man. Cymple Man claims that Wiz Khalifa song “Most Of Us” unmistakably copies the essential elements of his own written music.

Now, Cymple Man is looking to sue Wiz for damages and wants him to stop using the song.

Listen to both of the songs, do you think they sound the same?

Cymple Man-“Most Of Us”

Wiz Khalifa-“Most Of Us”

Comment what you think about the two songs.

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Pharah Phitted Placed On The Front Cover Of HotxxMagazine Issue 2!

DSC_0082Congrats! To underground music artist, Pharah Phitted for making it to the front cover of HotxxMagazine. Meet Pharah Phitted….


Age: 24

City you from/Reppin: PITTSBURGH

Notable Releases: “ORIGINAL” single available on iTunes & Spotify ..

“Not.DreamiN.Anymore” mixtape released on YouTube , SoundCloud & ReverbNation

Label: Independent / RoyaLty  👑 Records

Currently Working on: “It’s W.A.R” mixtape will be released December of 2017.

“F.O.C.U.S” EP coming in 2018.

Influenced By: Warren Buffet , Kendrick Lamar , Adele

What is it like being an Underground/ Independent artist: “it really does have its pros & cons … I wouldn’t change the fact that I am able to make my own decisions and negotiate my own deals and price. But What can be challenging as an indi artist is having to handle every aspect of your business yourself… and still maintain thee artist aspect. It’s one hell of a balance.  ”


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Music Artist, Juiced Up Joey On The Rise in The Entertainment Industry!


Artist Name: Juiced Up Joey

Age: 21 years old

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

What makes you different from any other music artist?: Her throwback soulful sound is one of the unique things that makes her stand out. In addition to Joey’ s astonishing voice she is quite a lyricist.

Label: Currently under the management of KK Management and Productions, LLC, working on a project which is scheduled to be released by the end of the year.


Check out her latest single “Deception” produced by Trippop, which is off of the upcoming project.

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Pittsburgh Rapper Blaze continues to drop heat!

Pittsburgh rapper Blaze, continues to drop heat for his supporters and listeners.If you haven’t checked out his single “Intro (Just Blaze)” Be sure to check it out on Soundcloud.


Click Link to Listen:

IG : Blaze_LaFlare

Twitter: BlazeLaflare_

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Rap Game Rapper Deetranada Drops her new video “Want ” On YouTube!

Watch the official music video “WANT” by Deetranada prod. by Mike Kalombo (Directed by Mr Meredith)


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 11.27.22 AM

Click Here to watch:

Buy [adolescence swim] Mixtape on ITunes…
Stream on Apple Music…

Directed by Mr Meredith
IG: @Mr_Meredith


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Music Artist/Producer Nelse D drops some new fire for his supporters and fans!

Music artist and producer Nelse D drops a new single for his supporters and fans. His new single “Paragon” is now available on YouTube . Nelse D bring a new type of sound and style to the music industry that stands out, if you never heard music from Nelse D. Be sure to follow him on social media and check out his new single “Paragon”. 

Twitter @NelseD

Instagram @NelseD_DaMan