Who You Callin A Bitch (Documentary)

The music industry isn’t just filled with male artist or male producers. The music industry is very diverse and actually has a lot of great female artist and producers out there. Who You Callin A Bitch! is a Documentary starring the ladies of the Pittsburgh music scene. Pittsburgh is known for the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, also the home of rappers wiz khalifa, Mac Miller, Boaz and Hardo. In the city of such development, all we seem to hear about is the men, in response KK management and productions and Treo productions, got together to look more into the music scene in the Pittsburgh Area. They decided to look deeper into the female artist who are also making a name for themselves and putting on for their city. KK management and productions and Treo prodcutions interviewed about 20 indivuduals that were eaither music artist, producers, Djs, managers, and promoters. In which were all women of the Pittsburgh area. During the filming of this documentary, they found some of the most raw talent that this city has to offer. The female artist are just as lyrical if not more lyrical than the males in the music scene. But problem is they are underestimated by all. This Documentary is starring; Miss money, Hollyhood, Kellee, Maize, CoronaBiggs, Dj Miss J, Team Gs, Da Button Pusha, Latia, Princess kk, Beez tarentino, Pretty Krissy, LadyTBadd, Tanni B, LL Marie, Angel Jackson, Sash Mead Rukkis, Koolkase,

Directed By: Tiffany Snyder, Dante “Treo”, Lindsay, and Kasey “Koolkase” Hicks.

Edited By: Dante “Treo”, Lindsay, Kasey “KoolKase” Hicks.

Length: 48 Mintues





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